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Waterproofing a Chimney

You have probably heard us warn you about the dangers of water penetration of your chimney. Water can cause so much damage and deterioration that the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) has named water as the biggest enemy of masonry chimneys. To protect your chimney from water penetration damage, there are several preventive measures you can take, including installing a good quality chimney cap on top as well as a customized flashing system around your chimney where it meets the roof. However, the best investment you can make to prevent water penetration of your chimney is to schedule a professional waterproofing treatment from Santa’s Friend Chimney Service. We are proud to offer this chimney maintenance service, and you can trust the ChimneySaver products we use to protect your chimney from water penetration. We would like to tell you more about the kind of damage water can do, along with what you can expect from our waterproofing service.

Waterproofing a Chimney - Jackson MS - Santas Friend ChimneyHow can water damage my chimney so badly?

Water penetration can seriously deteriorate the masonry materials of your chimney. The bricks and mortar that your chimney is constructed from are very porous and naturally absorb water. Extensive damage can occur when the water that is absorbed and trapped inside these masonry materials freezes and expands in the winter. As this water thaws, it causes the bricks and mortar joints to crack and break apart. Repeated freeze/thaw cycles can lead to bricks and mortar joints falling out of the chimney, which can lead to serious structural problems. Not only does water cause this type of damage, but it can also cause rusting damage to the metal components of your chimney, including the liner and damper. Sometimes, water can even leak into your home to create water stains in the ceilings and walls.

What can I expect from a waterproofing treatment from Santa’s Friend Chimney Service?

Before our CSIA-certified chimney technicians apply the waterproofing treatment to your chimney, we will examine your chimney to see what type of formula we will use. Generally we use a water-based formula, but if you have had a waterproofing treatment done in the past, we will have to use a solvent-based formula. After we clean the bricks with brushes, we will then apply a coating of this water repellent formula to your entire chimney. This 100% vapor-permeable waterproofing formula will create a barrier against water penetration of your chimney, while still allowing vapors to escape from the bricks and mortar. This environmentally-friendly product will resist mildew, mold, and fungus and reduce water penetration by 99.9 percent. You will also receive a 10-year warranty, which means the bricks and mortar of your chimney will be protected from water leaks for a decade.

Prolong the life of your masonry chimney. Contact us at Santa’s Friend Chimney Service to schedule an appointment for our waterproofing services today.

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