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Dealing with Leaking Chimneys in Central Mississippi

If you have ever wondered why we have so many problems with leaking chimneys in Jackson and Central MS, then you are not alone. Many people mistake chimney leaks for roofing problems, but if you are having issues with water entering into the firebox, dripping down a flue or coming down a wall or ceiling near the chimney or fireplace, chances are there’s a problem with the chimney system.

Why So Many Chimney Leaks?

If you haven’t noticed, the climate is changing in the world and Central Mississippi has seen its share of changes over the last decade. We used to get some bad storms in the form of a hurricane every few years moving up from the Gulf and a few tornadoes every now and then, but lately, we’ve seen some unusual amounts of tornadoes along with high winds and pouring rain due to weather patterns and hurricanes several times a year.

Central Mississippi also sits between the hotter humid weather of the Gulf of Mexico and the northern regions of the state where it can snow and get downright cold at times. Those temperatures can cause a freeze/thaw syndrome to the mortar and brick that loosens things up over time. You combine that with the natural erosion from high winds and rain and you are going to eventually have some problems.

What Can Be Done?

Now that we have discussed why most of these situations occur, let’s talk about some common sense solutions. The first thing is to call a certified chimney technician as soon as you see a leak. One of the biggest problems is leaks that are left alone to just get worse. Often people think that if the leak is just coming down the flue into the firebox, it isn’t that important to take care of immediately. However, your chimney system is made up of two primary materials: brick and metal. Brick is compressed sand that erodes with water and metal rusts. So. if not dealt with quickly, water leaks can cause some major issues inside the structure.

What we see in many cases are problems with the flashing that connects the chimney structure at the roof-line  rusted-out chase covers or chimney caps or just no cover at all on the flue–all of which are pretty simple fixes. However, with that said, we always recommend a chimney inspection to evaluate any additional issues that might be happening, such as animals or nests from animals if the covers or caps are damaged or nonexistent.

If left alone long enough, the repairs from a leaking chimney can be extensive. It can go from relining the flue to rebuilding the chimney structure or both! This is not something to ignore.

What To Do Now?

Call Santa’s Friend Chimney Service now if you are experiencing any of these types of symptoms in or around your fireplace or chimney. Do not put this one off for long. Water tends to run and spread into other parts of the home and cause even more damage and that’s not something anyone should have to deal with.


Waterproofing your chimney may be needed to prevent problems and damage, so don’t delay in scheduling this or other necessary chimney repair.

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