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Covers for the Chase are Important to Prevent Water Intrusion

In modern building of homes, there is an area called the chase where the appliances such as heating and cooling, furnaces and sometimes woodstoves and chimneys are all vented out to the outside. It is also a place that needs to be protected properly so the vents do not get debris in them, but at the same time water is prevented from coming into the system.

Because of weather and the natural elements these covers endure, it is easy to see where they can be blown off, damaged or rusted over time. If you don’t make trips to your roof from time to time, you will never see that anything could possibly be wrong. So we take a look at the chase to determine whether it is connected to the chimney system or not because it’s important to make sure this is covered correctly.

Recommended Products for the Chase

We suggest and recommend stainless steel chase covers because they have a Lifetime Warranty. A lot of chase covers are made of galvanized metal, which rust in time and will have to be replaced.  We do supply galvanized covers for the chase, but just remember, they will rust and the stainless steel ones will not. However, the galvanized chase covers are less expensive.

Custom Measured

Because chases come in many different shapes and sizes, it’s important to have a professional measure it for you. We have to custom fit most chase covers though there are a few common sizes that do exist. We will check the chase when we come out for the annual evaluation of your fireplace.


Did you know that a bird screen can prevent birds and other small critters from getting into and nesting in your chimney, helping to prevent fires? At Santa’s Friend in the Jackson and central Mississippi area, we can install this and many other products to enhance the safety of your home.

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