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The Advantages of Wood-Burning Inserts

A couple of advantages of a wood-burning insert are efficiency and safety. An insert is an enclosed steel or cast iron fireproof compartment that slips into your existing masonry fireplace. It uses your existing chimney system to vent smoke and gasses out to the atmosphere and makes for a great heat exchange surface in your home, which heats your house and basically turns an inefficient fireplace into an efficient heater. Because it is enclosed, as opposed to being open like a normal wood-burning fireplace, embers are contained and cannot fall or shoot out of the enclosure.

Most of the newer inserts draw air from outside and not from inside the home and they are rated by the Environmental Protection Agency. We recommend you purchase a highly-rated insert for your home as this will give you the best long-term savings. Also check with your accountant and see if what you are purchasing has any tax credit benefits that currently apply.

Insert Options

Proper measurement and installation of the insert is extremely important, so be sure to use trained technicians for this service. After that, there are many companies and styles to choose from as well as other options you should look such as the type of front doors you prefer, whether it comes with a blower fan and if the fan is manually controlled or controlled by a thermostat.

We can help walk you through the process so you get it right the first time. Just contact us and schedule an appointment today.


Even something as simple as a mesh spark screen can make your fireplace safer and give you peace of mind. Check with us to see if this is a chimney product that you need.

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