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Mesh Spark Screens Keep Sparks in Their Place

Mesh spark screens are important to have so the sparks from your wood burning fire are kept where they need to be, within the fireplace. Nothing is more frightening then having children playing near a fire when one of these sparks jumps out, not to mention the danger if a spark goes beyond the safety area around a fireplace and onto carpets or blankets, etc.

Screens Can Be a Hassle

Those screens that pull into place can sometimes be more of a pain that often results in just leaving them open. Unfortunately, this happens more often than you might think. They get stuck or come off the track and are pretty much useless. However, without the protection they are meant to provide, this could be a larger threat than you might think.

That’s why we carry mesh spark screens. Contact us and let’s see what affordable and beautiful screen is best for you.


If you have a pre-fabricated fireplace, you may need to replace the firebox panels to prevent carbon monoxide leaking into your home. Please check with the pros at Santa’s Friend in the central Mississippi area to see if you need this chimney product.

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