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If you or your family and friends in Jackson or Central MS have ever experienced a chimney fire in your home, then you know how important servicing your fireplace and chimney really is. For everyone else, you might be wondering if it’s really that important.  The short answer is yes.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association. Both organizations recommend annual inspections and sweeping for your fireplaces & chimneys. Many people think this is overkill, especially in areas that don’t see temperatures that one would think require a lot of wood and gas to get burned. The truth is, it’s more than about the type and amount of wood you burn. It’s about what gets into the appliance from season to season, any structure shift from excessive storms or wind and about general safety considerations that are important to the health and safety of your entire family.

What’s in a Chimney Fire?

There are many chimney fires that happen in homes where no one is aware of the danger. That’s right! You can be enjoying your warm fire in the hearth while your chimney burns above you. Does this happen all the time? No. But it happens enough that you need to be aware that it can happen. We find an educated customer is a safer customer.

Chimney fires can cause an enormous amount of damage to your home and potentially death to family members. There are times when people have described it as a loud train noise or a loud pop or crack. You may experience an influx of dense smoke or a concentrated hot smell. Any of these can cause substantial damage to the structure of the fireplace, requiring sizable chimney repairs to get it working properly again.

What to do if you think Your Chimney is on Fire

The very first thing to do, if you believe you are having a chimney fire, is call 911 and report a suspected chimney fire to your local emergency services professionals. If it is a gas fireplace, turn off the gas as quickly as possible and do not put any more fuel on the fire.

For those who have a neighbor tell them they thought they saw flames shooting out of their chimney, or thought you might have heard one of those cracks or pops or loud noises before, call a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep and get your chimney system inspected immediately. Make sure you tell them you think a chimney fire might have occurred.

The chimney service technician will sweep the chimney from top to bottom then use a camera that is designed to get a 360 degrees view of the interior of the flue. They will be able to not only tell you if you have had a fire but show you the internal pictures of the evidence. Once they have gathered all the facts, they will make recommendations to get your system back in compliance with your local safety standards.

Do not use your fireplace for any reason until it has been cleaned and looked at. There can be hidden damage in the flue that, unless you know what you’re looking for, you can easily miss. If you think you may have had a chimney fire but think since it didn’t cause any damage (that you know of) you should just continue to use it, think again! You may get away with one fire but the next one might just burn it down.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Whether you have a fireplace or not, you should have carbon monoxide detectors in your home because you can’t smell it nor taste it. This is the only way you will be able to tell if you have a dangerous level of carbon monoxide in your living areas. Make sure to follow the recommendations laid out by the manufacturers of the detectors for the best results.

The Bottom Line

Having your fireplace and chimneys serviced with an inspection and sweeping is really the best way to ensure your appliance does not catch on fire. That’s because a well-maintained chimney system is the one least likely to have problems or fires.

If you have any additional questions, need a service that is not listed, or need to schedule an appointment, just contact our office. We have a staff waiting to assist you with your Fireplace, Chimney or Dryer Vent services.


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