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A Simple Bird Screen on Your Chimney Can be a Money Saver

Nests in your chimney system are a fire hazard that a simple bird screen can eliminate. If nests are not prevented and cleared in the flue by sweeping the system, when you start that first seasonal fire, several things can happen. Nothing unusual could happen for now, which you could think lucky or unlucky depending on what happens the next time you start a fire in your fireplace. Another thing that might happen is that a nest that totally blocks the flue could cause an unusual amount of smoke to come back into the house, or it could start a chimney fire right off the bat.

But that’s Not All

The other real advantage of bird screens is keeping federally protected migratory birds out of your chimney. If any of these birds decide to nest in your chimney and you try to get rid of them, you can be hit with a hefty fine, up to $50,000 per offense! This pertains mostly to chimney swifts, but eagles have also been known to roost in the top of chimneys as their habitats shrink.

Easy Fix

There is a really easy and cost effective fix and we have everything needed to get this done for you. It’s important to know what you are doing though, because if certain screens are used, they can get clogged easily with soot, tar and creosote and cause more problems than they correct. We have had to remove poorly-chosen and poorly-installed screens done by homeowners and roofers that just didn’t know better.

Call Santa’s Friend Chimney Service and let us install a screen to keep birds and small critters out of your chimney appliance today!


Another simple fix for your chimney might be a wood-burning insert. Contact the pros at Santa’s Friend to see if this chimney product is for you.

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