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Chimney Swifts in Your Chimney

Chimney swifts in chimneys are a common problem because the migratory path of the birds is so far ranging. It extends from Canada across the entire eastern half of the United States at points, changing as they fly north and south every spring and fall. They LOVE chimneys, which is how they got their name and why they are such a common problem.

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Unfriendly Skies

That leads to what you can do about it if you live along their chimney-hopping routes. The first thing is to be concerned about their migratory path regardless of the frequency with which you see them fly in your skies. They are difficult to distinguish from other ‘long narrow cylindrical bodies’ up there, and we never see everything that happens above our heads.

If you are not sure whether or not their migration involves your neighborhood, it is important to find out. You can contact either fire safety professionals or certified chimney sweeps in your area…both will know. If you know you are in their line of fire, so to speak, it is equally important not to discount their presence just because you have never seen one.

Restrictions for Frequent Flyers

To repeat, chimney swifts LOVE chimneys.  If yours is unprotected, there is a 50-50 chance they will check it out, at some point during their migration. If your home is within their migratory path, you need a chimney cap or a bird screen, and it needs to be strong. If not, you risk the swifts choosing your home as their next vacation spot.

If they are already in your chimney, their removal is restricted by law and must be performed by someone with a Federal permit to do so. The legal protections for chimney swifts cover their nests as well, so even if the bird is gone, you cannot simply remove the nest and debris it left behind. Again, certified chimney sweeps in your area will have those permits and are also both trained and experienced in their removal.

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