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Advantages of a Wood Burning Insert

So, you love your fireplace. There is something about a crackling fire that is just mesmerizing. Nothing can quite replace that comforting feeling. The trouble is, wood burning fireplaces are known to not be very efficient, and there’s nothing comforting about high heating bills due to heat loss through your fireplace. In fact, according to the This Old House website, you could be losing up to 8% of your furnace air up that leaky chimney. If you hate losing money but can’t give up the contented feeling you get when you relax in front of that fire, then a wood burning insert might be just the thing for you.

Wood Burning Inserts

You can keep the homey look of your beautiful fireplace while making it much more efficient by adding a wood burning insert to your fireplace. Although there is an initial cost to get an insert installed, in the end, the money that you save on heating bills will soon make up for any expense of installation.

So, what exactly is a wood burning insert? It’s a self-contained unit that sets into your fireplace and in which you can burn a wood burning fire. Wood burning inserts are very energy-efficient – in fact, a wood burning insert can be up to 75% efficient, unlike the around 25% that a normal wood-burning fireplace can be. Not only this, but wood burning inserts give a cleaner burn than your old-fashioned wood burning fireplace.

There is more than one type of insert to choose from. One type is a pellet burning insert, which has the benefit of burning clean while delivering even heating. Wood burning inserts offer a long-burning source of heat and the beauty of a snapping, crackling fire.

There are a couple of other features you will want to look for in a wood burning insert. First, make sure that there is a control that allows you to adjust the airflow, so that you can regulate the heat going into your home. You’ll also want to be able to directly vent your appliance; there are several styles available, so you’ll be able to choose the system that’s best for your home. A unit that has a cast iron door is also desirable because it resists the heat, which allows you to access the coal bed with less risk than steel doors give.

Get Expert Advice

If you are shopping for a wood burning insert, make sure you get advice from a company that knows all there is to know about these appliances: Santa’s Friend Chimney Service. They can help you choose the insert that will best meet your needs and can also help with the installation process. Santa’s Friend Chimney Service can offer a wide range of services, including upkeep and cleaning of your wood burning appliance once it’s installed. All you’ll need to do is enjoy the savings!

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