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A Stinky Chimney Problem

No more holding your breath at home due to your smelly chimney. Just call us and we'll have your chimney cleaned in no time.

No more holding your breath at home due to your smelly chimney. Just call us and we’ll have your chimney cleaned in no time.

When your friends enter your home, you want them to smell something good. Let’s face it; chimney odors do not fall into this category. This is one reason why it is important to keep your chimney maintenance up to date. If you are experiencing problems like this or have any other chimney related questions, call the experts at Santa’s Friend Chimney Service today.

Why does my chimney stink anyway?

The main reason your chimney will stink is because of creosote. When wood is burned in the fire, these byproducts come up and begin to clump together on the inside of your chimney. This will not only cause drafts problems, but if left long enough they will begin to soak into the structure of your chimney and become harder to remove. As weather become warmer and more humid, the smell will become stronger. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended that you have an extra sweep in addition to your annual sweep and inspection. One should be done after burning season to remove anything that built up over the winter months, but the second should be done after summer to remove anything natural that may have made its way into your chimney.

Mold is another reason that a chimney or any other part of your home will smell. Chimney mold is built when there is a crack in the structure or a piece of the chimney is not in working order. Your Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified professional will be able to spot these things during your inspection. Mold can grow in as little as one to two days, so if you see a leak or something suspicious, call for help. One way to reduce water troubles is by having the technicians put a waterproof sealant on the outside of the chimney. This is especially recommended if you live in a wet area.

How do you properly prepare for a sweep?

Here is a simple checklist to make sure your home is ready for its examination:

  • Do not burn a fire for more than 24 hours before your sweep.
  • Move valuables’ and furniture away from the fireplace.
  • Lock pets away in a spare room for safety