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Santa’s Friend Chimney Service – Mississippi’s Most Experienced Sweeps

As Mississippi’s most experienced chimney sweeps, Santa’s Friend is proud to offer excellent chimney services to our customers in Jackson, MS and all of Central Mississippi.  We are your one-stop-shop for all of your chimney needs.  Our professional staff has over 24 years of experience in chimney services, repairs and installs, no matter how large or small.  We specialize in solving your issues with the latest in techniques and technologies. Just ask Santa’s Friend and we will find a solution to your chimney problems.

Most Common Chimney Services

Keeping You Safe is #1

Whether you are a home owner or property management company, we are dedicated to your safety.  It is our number one priority! There are things that should be done every year to your fireplace or chimney system to ensure safety for your entire family: chimney sweeping, also referred to as cleaning (though it really is a sweeping not an actual scrubbing), and a chimney evaluation/inspection.  If most people would simply do these two things religiously every year, the majority of chimney problems would be found early and get fixed more inexpensively.

Problems You May Face

If left alone, fireplaces and chimneys will eventually break down. Some have problems very quickly if there is a clearance to combustion issue. This is one of the major reasons fires can start in your appliance. Animals nesting during the hotter seasons or poor construction for new or renovated homes are just some of the more common things we see.

Other challenges people face is smoke in your house, water leaks coming down the flue and dripping into your fireplace, a foul odor coming from your fireplace and seeping into your home or you are losing heat–all things that Santa’s Friend can fix.

What is a Certified Chimney Company?

Santa's Friend Chimney Sweep

All of the sweeps at Santa’s Friend Chimney Service are fully certified by several chimney safety organizations. This means that the technicians that enter into your home take time out each year to study and learn new innovative techniques, repairs and tricks to help them do their jobs more efficiently. It’s unfortunate that everyone in our industry is not required to be certified. This is why you will hear horror stories from time to time about chimney services that have gone terribly wrong. We live and work by a set of Standards of Ethics and Business Practices second to none and we have a no-nonsense guarantee.

Additional Services

One of the most dangerous things in your home that causes more fires annually is your electric and gas dryer. That’s why we also provide dryer vent cleaning. It is recommended that you clean your dryer vent at least once per year for those who are average users of their dryers.

We also have additional chimney products that we install. While not ideal for every home, we find that these items can substantially add to the life of your chimney appliance in most cases and are worth looking at when you have certain issues that arise in the system.

With our great on-location service record, plus our excellent customer service, we have built our company with repeat customers and referrals from our current clients. Call Santa’s Friend Chimney Service at 601-854-7563 or email We believe you will be glad your chimney system is in the hands of Mississippi’s Most Experienced Sweeps!


For your safety and peace of mind, let Santa’s Friend in Jackson and central Mississippi provide the necessary fireplace and chimney services.


Chimney Safety Institute of America National Chimney Sweeps Guild Regency Fireplaces Authorized Dealer

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