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Put Your Damper On Top

Dampen Your Chimney Problems for a Merrier Christmas

Now that we’ve put away our Halloween costumes and emptied our pantries of all those candies we’ve prepared, it only means one thing – Christmas is coming. The universally loved and awaited holiday not only by kids but by adults as well. Christmas carols are in the air, malls filled with glittering decors of green and red with that joyous glint of silver and gold. Households are busying up to get ready for the holiday festivities. So that means; food, presents, decorations, and possibly an intimate get together with family and close friends. But aside from the standard things we have on our Christmas to-do list, we shouldn’t forget about one important thing – get the chimney ready.

A top sealing damper keeps critters and moisture out - luckily Santa has all kinds of secret ways to deliver presents.

A top sealing damper keeps critters and moisture out – luckily Santa has all kinds of secret ways to deliver presents.

Aside from being a place to keep you warm, it is also popularly known as Santa Claus’ mode of entrance during this season. So there is a high chance that your children will be hovering around your fireplace waiting for a fat man in a red suit to pop out. It is therefore important for you to make sure your chimney is safe and secure. Not only to keep your children safe, but also to safeguard your entire household.

There are number of things that could go wrong in that tiny area. If ignored, chimneys could potentially be the cause of a house fire. Also, if you don’t take the necessary precaution, you might end up with a foul smelling house. If left unchecked, you wouldn’t be aware that there are water leaks that are beginning to come down the flue. The water then starts dripping into your fireplace giving off that foul odor.

Aside from fixing the problems, you have to make sure that your chimney is able to do its main function properly; and that is to keep you and your family warm. To achieve this you need make sure that the damper you have installed in your chimney is fully functional and effective. For those who aren’t familiar, the damper is like a door that is opened when burning a fire or smoke, and closed when the fireplace isn’t in use. This keeps the warm air in and the cold out, which is very important during cold seasons. Traditionally, there are two types of dampers; the Throat Damper and the Top Mount Damper.

At Santa’s Friend Chimney Service they make use of Top Mount Dampers. It is the go to guy when the original damper of the chimney has been worn out. It is also the most commonly used during repairs because it is virtually air tight due to its altered seal location. The seal is strategically placed on top of the flue therefore keeping the outside air outside. Aside from that, the Top Mount Damper also seals off the flue entirely when your chimney isn’t used. So it prevents the flue from competing against your AC and heating system therefore lowering your energy costs by a significant fraction. Other than this you can also keep those pesky bugs, insects and small animals from getting inside your house through your chimney. It saves from the worry and hassle of having to clean up annoying animal droppings on your living room. Throat Dampers are also as effective as the Top Mount Damper. The main difference between the two is their location. The Throat Damper is located at the base of the chimney, more towards the fireplace area, while the Top Mount is located at the upper end. The disadvantage of the Throat Damper is that when damaged, it is far more expensive to replace or repair.

You wouldn’t want your holidays to be ruined over a small chimney problem, now would you? That is why it is essential to have a top sealing damper installed. Not only does it keep you and your family warm, but it also saves you from having to spend a lot of money. So you best remember to call a certified chimney company such as the Santa’s Friend Chimney Service before you start getting busy with the festivities. These guys will definitely take care of you and your chimney. So why deprive yourself of having the perfect Christmas? Go ahead and get your chimney checked and have a top sealing damper installed today.