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Leaky Chimneys and the Damage They Cause

If there is a number one enemy of your masonry chimney, it would have to be water. When the bricks and mortar are exposed to water for a prolonged amount of time, they will deteriorate and erode rapidly. Even more damage occurs when moisture is trapped inside the masonry of your chimney and the temperatures drop below freezing. Rust can also occur on parts of your chimney, and this can cause them to weaken and be destroyed. The majority of this damage requires essential repairs that can end up costing you lots of money. At Santa’s Friend Chimney Service, we strongly feel that preventing water penetration is one of the most important maintenance tasks for homeowners with chimneys. We would like to tell you more about exactly what kind of damage can be caused by chimney leaks and which ways you can prevent water penetration from even happening to your masonry chimney.

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Water Penetration Damage Possibilities

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), water penetration can cause the following damage to your masonry chimney and your home:

  • rusted and deteriorated damper and firebox assemblies, fireplace accessories, and glass doors
  • rotting wood adjacent to your fireplace and chimney
  • water stained walls and ceilings
  • stained chimney exterior
  • decayed exterior mortar and spalled bricks
  • cracked or deteriorated flue lining system
  • collapsed hearth support
  • chimney settlement
  • tilted or collapsed chimney structure

Ways To Prevent Leaky Chimneys

There are several essential repairs needed to stop water penetration as well as ways you can prevent any water leaks in the future, including:

  • repair or replace a damaged chimney cap – Chimney caps sit on top of your chimney’s opening and protect it from water penetration and animal invasions. The most inexpensive water penetration prevention measure, chimney caps have long been known as an important chimney safety and damage prevention part of a chimney system.
  • repair deteriorated mortar joints – Mortar joints should have no gaps or missing mortar and should be shaped in a way that will direct water out of the joint. When water penetrates mortar joints, they become soft and erode quickly. When this occurs, your exterior chimney should be repointed to repair the deteriorated joints and keep the water out.
  • repair or install custom flashing – The seal between the roofing materials and the chimney, a customized and properly-fitted flashing system keeps water from penetrating your chimney’s interior. If your chimney is located on the slope of your roof, Santa’s Friend Chimney Service can add a cricket to the flashing to direct rain and snow away from your chimney and to keep the water from intruding.
  • waterproofing – Using a 100% vapor permeable formula, Santa’s Friend Chimney Service can apply this waterproofing formula to the masonry work of your chimney. The formula we use keeps water from getting in and allows water vapors to escape your bricks and mortar, which gives you the ultimate protection from water leaks.

Have you noticed any signs of chimney leaks or water penetration damage? Contact Santa’s Friend Chimney Service today to schedule an appointment to repair these leaks and damage and then to protect your chimney from future water penetration.