Santa's Friend Chimney Service

Keeping Your Chimney Clean and Safe

It cannot be overstated how important it is to have your chimney regularly cleaned. With all the buildup that comes with the burning of wood, you are bound to have a lot of very flammable creosote caked on the side of your chimney flue. Regular cleaning will help prevent the possibility of a chimney fire. After all, that is the worst possible way to spend your holiday season, and it is completely preventable!

To help cut down on creosote, burning the proper wood is crucial as well. You will want your wood to be hard and to burn hot. Slow and low burns release more creosote, whereas hot fires will burn deposits up through the chimney. Be careful though. You don’t want your wood piled too high in the fireplace. There should be at least 2 inches between the logs and the chimney flue.

It is highly recommended to have your chimney swept if you have vented gas logs as well. Gas leaks could release dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide into your home. As with a wood burning fireplace, any obstructions, like animal nests or leaves, are a potential fire hazard.