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How a Chimney Cap Keeps Your Chimney Safe

Is your chimney uncapped? Or is your chimney cap cracked or damaged? If you do not have a chimney cap or if your chimney cap is deteriorated, your chimney is at risk for several problems. The purpose of a chimney cap is to protect your chimney’s interior from intruders like water and animals. An important part of your chimney system, your chimney cap serves to keep your chimney safe. At Santa’s Friend Chimney Service, we understand how essential a good chimney cap is for your chimney. We also know the importance of proper installation of a chimney cap, and our expert technicians will provide you with a perfect, customized chimney cap installation. We would like to share with you five reasons why chimney caps are so important, according to a blog on Angie’s List.

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  1. A chimney cap keeps your chimney safe from water penetration. The main function of a chimney cap is to keep water out of your chimney. One of the best protections from water penetration, a properly fitted cap will keep your chimney dry. Water is the number one enemy of a masonry chimney because of the amount of expensive damage it can do. If water gets into your bricks and mortar, you can end up with spalled bricks and chipped mortar. Water also can eat away at your chimney liner, which puts you at risk for carbon monoxide leaks. Water in your chimney can also cause your damper to rust. Another hazardous possibility is mold growth on your chimney walls.
  2. A chimney cap keeps your chimney safe from animal invasions. Birds, squirrels, raccoons, and other animals like to take up residence in chimneys because they mistake them for hollow trees. However, these animals are fire hazards because their nests are highly flammable. Animals can also get stuck inside your chimney and die, which can produce maggots, flies, and an unpleasant odor in your home. A chimney cap with metal mesh sides will serve to keep these animals from getting into your chimney.
  3. A chimney cap can block downdrafts. When the wind blows in a certain direction, it can cause a downdraft in your chimney. Without a chimney cap, a wood-burning fireplace can be negatively affected by a downdraft as it can cause smoke to blow into your home. The reason why chimney caps have flat tops is to help prevent downdrafts caused by the wind.
  4. A chimney cap can prevent sparks and embers from leaving the chimney. Some people refer to chimney caps as “spark arrestors” because they stop lit embers and sparks which travel up the chimney. If these sparks and embers jump out of your chimney, they can possibly catch your roof on fire.
  5. A chimney cap keeps your chimney safe from a buildup of debris. Without a chimney cap, leaves, branches, twigs, and other debris can get into your chimney and accumulate. These accumulations can become large enough to block your flue, which causes toxic gases to enter your home.

As you can see, a chimney cap is essential to keep your chimney safe from several things. If you need a new chimney cap, contact Santa’s Friend Chimney Service to schedule a consultation with our experienced staff.

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