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Is Your Chimney Up to Code?

An older home can have lots of character, but it can also require more maintenance to be sure all of its systems are up to current building and safety codes. These standards are constantly updated, and making sure everything is working as it should is part of the responsibilities of being a homeowner. If you are considering buying an older house with a fireplace, the chimney should be inspected to ensure it meets codes. At Santa’s Friend Chimney Service, we have the experience and training that is needed to see if chimneys and fireplaces are up to code, and we can easily make repairs that will bring the chimney and venting system up to current building and safety standards. The most common problem we find with older chimneys is that they are not lined. We would like to tell you more about chimney liners and why they are necessary for an efficient and safe chimney.

Why does my chimney need to be lined?

Is Your Chimney Up to Code - Jackson MS - Santa's FriendAccording to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), most local fire codes mandate that every chimney be lined for safety reasons. Chimney liners serve three very important purposes. They protect your home from the extremely high temperatures that are produced during combustion. Without a liner, the wooden parts of a house could catch fire. They also protect the bricks and mortar of your chimney from the corrosive byproducts of combustion. The toxic combustion gases can eat away at these masonry materials if no liner is present to shield them. Even more importantly, the liner keeps carbon monoxide from being able to leak into your home. The third function of a chimney liner is to provide a properly sized flue for your heating appliance. If you install a new fireplace insert, the chimney will most likely be too large for the insert, and this can cause draft problems. To be sure your heating appliance works efficiently and safely, you need a chimney liner that matches the size of the appliance.

What kinds of chimney liners are there?

At Santa’s Friend Chimney Service, we can install a new stainless steel chimney liner that will work with any type of heating appliance. Our CSIA-certified chimney technicians will take precise measurements of your heating appliance to ensure the new liner matches it exactly. If you have a masonry chimney with a wood-burning fireplace, we can also line your chimney with HeatShield, which is similar to the clay tile liners of the past. You can trust us to install a liner that will work with the fuel type of your heating appliance. We will be sure your chimney will function efficiently and safely as well as be up to code.

Unlined chimneys is just one of the issues we find when inspecting older chimneys. Other things such as chimney height and exterior masonry damage can also cause problems with chimneys meeting current building and fire codes. If you are looking at older homes, contact Santa’s Friend Chimney Service at 601-854-7563 to make an appointment for a chimney inspection.

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